Rosemary Pleckauskas 

Rosemary Pleckauskas

Artist's Statement

Water colour has absorbed my creative need over several years. I like its clean light quality on paper.

The work develops over time a slowly unknown arrival at a state I feel is okay and complete.

Choosing a simple shape repeated over the surface allows me to focus on colour arrangements and the design forms that develop expressing my current state and environment.

I was born in 1943. Studied for the Advertising Art Diploma at Swinburne failing to pass in 1963.

Going on to work in Graphic art for a year before leaving to have 2 daughters and pursuing a personal art towards the fine art as I understood this, having little formal fine art education. Reading of art developments world wide. In the mid 1980's held 2 art exhibitions. Employed in typography and graphic design until the late 1990s. Retired moving to Bermagui with my husband on the New South Wales south coast.

I would be delighted to hold my long awaited exhibition at the Spiral Gallery in my local area and support a co-operative gallery.

14th of October 2013


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