Karen Robinson

My ‘Art for Therapy’ Journey – A pathway to improving my sense of wellbeing...

My ‘art for therapy’ journey has been an important part of my being able to work through a quagmire of grief and despair after my husband’s chemotherapy in 2008 and the loss of my son who had been killed in a single vehicle car crash in 2009. Since then - it has also assisted me in being able to better manage my ongoing anxiety, panic attacks and depression which I have experienced my whole adult life but I had only truly been able to address once I recommence my childhood love of painting and writing. Using art as a form of therapy has meant I have been able to better manage my mental health issues to a point where I feel able to properly maintain a fulfilling life for me and my family.

By sharing my ‘art for therapy’ journey through my artwork, photo-taking, story-telling and blogging gives others an insight into my sole as an Abstract Artist; and thus will hopefully inspire others to take up 'art for therapy' in order to find a voice when words are hard to find. To show how art can be a powerful form of expression which when shared with others can be enlightening, be informative and moving. It can change the way people think! My painting, photo-taking, story-telling through creative writing and blogging has helped me to look forward, and gives me away to find joy in everyday. I blog about how I and others have used/are using ‘art for therapy’ using mediums such paint, ink, photography and creative writing to assist with one’s physical and emotional well-being; or just as a way to have a say. I hope you will join me!

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